vandal? yes pls

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Holla at them Vandal 2ks tho. I swiped these Nikes on StockX a while ago, and I’m surprised at how much I am digging them. I am normally an Adidas girl, but the checks have been making a comeback for me.

The platform base is a def plus in my book. And I’m a sucker for any bold color combo, so the primary colorway is doing the most. Then add in a dash of camo and you’ve got a happy Laura (camo is a neutral right??)

I wore this lil lewk to a new bar downtown with a few Clemson friends that were in town for the ACC championship game (go tigs! Pitt who?). And thank goodness for a night out with them; being the only college age girl in town is driving me insane! Thankful to be home, but I have even started going out with my parents on the weekends (eek, I know haha)!

Having a bed that doesn’t creak to high heaven every time I move is a blessing, and being able to make food anytime I’d like is awesome. Though due to social activity taking a hit, I am in full work mode these days.

I went back to working my day job as I like to call it, sewing custom home draperies. Then when I get home its commissions commissions commissions. I don’t mind commission work because I make good money for my time. Although, I’ve realized I need to find a break to simply just develop my creative vision. I get so caught up in fulfilling other people’s art demands, I put my own voice on the back burner.

What kind of artist would I be if all I did was exactly what people asked of me?

Sayin that tho, I will finish all the commission work that are Christmas presents. Then maybe after Christmas, my gift to myself will be some one on one time with my paintbrush. I will keep working away (throw in many babysitting hours and odd jobs here and there) and I’m gonna be READY to get back into that student grind.

gotta put in that work

top and earrings and coat: H&M // denim: Revice // shoes: Nike

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