Polka dots and moonbeams

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

**for best experience, listen to a little Sinatra: polka dots and moonbeams**

Hellllllo print mixing. It might be deemed a fashion faux pas to pair two large print patterns together, but rules are meant to be broken right? I always go for the same colors when print mixing so it doesn't get too overwhelming, then introduce one or two more colors in the accesories (or in this case, fruit and pom poms).

These boots have been a lifesaver (!!!). These nifty boots are my I-don't-have-anything-to-match-with-this-outfit boots; they are structurally interesting with the Chelsea detailing and pointed toe, but the solid white keeps the center of attention back up at the clothes. I really hope this style never ever becomes outdated.

Though as much as I love polka dot talk, writing this while sitting outside in one of SCAD's residential quads has me so thankful for diversity. Everyone here at SCAD acts and wears exactly what they want that day. There isn't a "college uniform" of nike shorts and comfort colors t-shirts, and there is no unspoken "correct" personality. Variation is the spice of life (thank you Professor Stromberg for repeating that saying 10x a class). The great part is that you do not have agree with other's choices, but the general vibe is that everyone genuinely wants to understand why. Why believe what you believe? Why do you make these choices? Why this band? Why the shoe choice? It has become a refreshing environment I didn't even realize I would enjoy as much as I do.

So that explains why I can get away with sparkly banana purses on the daily :)

bag: betsy johnson // dress: forever 21 // shoes: marshalls // earrings: belks // top: monki

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