Bring em home

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Just finished up an awesome weekend bringing the SCAD crew to the upstate of SC over our long MLK weekend.

We jammed out to old 2000s bops all the way to my house (which is the most fun in itself) and unpacked Thursday night. We had a much needed home cooked meal--shoutout mom--and finished up with a game night. I'm pretty sure I gained a six pack from laughing so hard. The fun continued Friday. A trip to Asheville NC in the morning started the day when we hit up the infamous Biscuit Head Bakery. We all died a little and went to heaven. The boys plates were finished before I had a chance to see what they got. Pair good food with a little exploration and shopping downtown and ya got yourself a good day. But that wasn't the end of our fun, so we went right on up to Beech Mountain NC for night skiing. The cold shock was a bit of an adjustment to these Savannians but we powered through--but not without a bit of mayhem. One male in particular (ahem...Clayton) managed to jump through my car's sunroof, do a flip off the snow ramps, faceplate so hard he broke his boarding goggles, and snowboard only wearing a Lakers Jersey. The videos from this night still get me every. single. time. Boys be wild sometimes. (Plus for some reason we stayed up that night in an intense game of Guess Who until 5:30 am. Sometimes it just be like that)

Saturday we did a little skeet shooting in the back yard, then went up to DuPont State Forest to do a bit of hiking. And yes, it was pouring rain. And 35 degrees. But hey, makes for better memories, right? We saw the beautiful High Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. To make it even better, the love of my life came along--Leo (the blue eyed pupper). I have to say, the crew surprised me. We lasted four hours in that weather. We were all soaked to the bone by the time we trekked back to the car. Soggy and tired but all very happy. We made an applaudable fire at home and celebrated the last night of our mini vacation with homemade peach cobbler (the leftovers of which I'm still rationing!). By the end of a very very late night, I was laughing tears. The next morning came too fast, but the drive back was just as fun as the one up there. I had a 10/10 copilot and the music bops were coming in strong.

They say you can tell who is a blessing in your life and who is toxic in your life by how you feel after spending time with them. You feel less energized with toxic people, yet more energized with those who are good to keep in your life. One things for sure--this crew is a good thing, a very good thing. Who else could twist a cold, sleep deprived weekend into a wave of sheer happiness?

peace n blessins :)

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