'19 amiright?

It seems like New Years Eve was just last week. But yet, its two weeks into the new year and 2019 has already brought so many adventures and changes.

First, there was a *beautiful* snow that covered my hometown. The town was coated with eight inches of powder that stayed around for a week. I love a good snow. It covers anything that is normally unattractive to look at with a clean pallet of white. It reminds me so much of the worship song that mentions how Jesus's blood washes us white as snow. Still baffled at how He blesses us with so much when we deserve so little.

Second, I pulled an about face and went from thirty degree weather to a warm and sunny eighty degree weather. The family and I went down to Sarasota FL to enjoy some escape from the mountain winter. On NYE I got to see the pineapple drop in downtown Sarasota, a regionally famous tradition at midnight. After many days of hitting the beach and art museums, the trip came to a close. I escaped with only a slight sunburn :)

Finally, and MOST importantly, I moved back into my dorm sweet dorm. The first week of classes have flown by. I have missed this place so much. Im taking on drawing for design, color theory, and math for computer science this quarter. I think these classes are the culprit for time flying by so fast--the work is never ending. However, I have definitely fit in some ridiculous fun with the bestest of friends. We have already explored an old Savannah graveyard, headed out on late night Walmart ventures, and done many roommate afternoon jogs. The intramural team won 20-0 our first game (whoop whoop!!!) and while the subject of winning is on my mind, how bout them tigs?? ACC National Champions baby! The Clemson win was the icing on the cake. This first week has just set the precedence for a great next quarter.

2019 is looking mighty fine

sweater and dress: ASOS // earrings: Bauble Bar

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