With the continual rise of e-commerce, consumerism is sustaining the exponentially growing issue of extreme packaging waste.  Especially in industries like online fast fashion, this packaging waste highly frustrates consumers and dangerously threatens the planet. 


Packed will provide a service to attenuate the wasted space in packaging by connecting fashion shoppers of the same brand in the same area into joint orders. By consolidating brand orders via community, packages will be maximizing their capacity. Packed will hold an individual shopper’s order until more items can be added in the same order by different shoppers. The order will then be processed normally with the fashion company. It is important to work within online retailing’s extenuating systems, as to make Packed as nonintrusive as possible to the established processes of the fashion companies. 


Within a friend group, shoppers can invite others to join an order as one friend takes the hosting role, having the responsibility of receiving and distributing the order. If shopping with a brand outside of a friend group, Packed will suggest to order with others in your area through a Packed Ambassador, a host that a shopper doesn’t know personally. These Ambassadors are incentivized by discount codes and Packed merchandise, and they can join the order as well.  


By having this bulk order mentality, Packed champions the environment, saves shoppers money, and stimulates traffic towards the online fashion companies. Optimizing packages’ space, and overall reducing the amount of packaging used, will reap huge environmental impacts; the Packed shopper can see their personal contribution to this impact in her Packed plug-in or app profile page. Additionally, Packed provides the opportunity to save money by combining discounts. Not only will joint orders likely surpass the purchasing minimum for free shipping, but if one of the shoppers has a coupon, it would be applied to the whole of the order. Packed offers valuable partnership to online fashion companies too. Because Packed will suggest to share started orders with friends and promote the brands with the highest joint shopping activity, an increased amount of shopping traffic will be pushed to complete orders.

Packed knows online fashion can be more.

One small shopping change.

One huge environmental impact.

The ideal experience of getting a date

Mark Kelley, a market analyst from Nomura Instinet, published a complimentary note about the future of the online dating industry. He concluded that it is one of the most promising sectors and estimates that the market could grow to be worth $12 billion by 2020.

While looking at the online dating industry, we realized a trend of online dating businesses narrowing into one form of online dating: pictures and swiping. At the same time, we noticed a trend of users creating accounts, deleting them, and reactivating them again while looking for a relationship. We set out to discover what people expect out of online dating platforms and the ideal experience of getting a date.

Definition of “Getting a Date”

The process of the two people from the time they become first aware of each other’s presence up to just before the first date.

Key questions asked:

1. What do people truly want out of online dating platforms?
2. What does the ideal experience of getting a date look like?
3. How important is online dating platforms in the process of getting a date?

Through a process of interviewing, surveying, cultural probing, and sensory cueing, a discussion guide was prepared to gather data. Open, heart based questions were formulated with future based questions in mind to create these discussion guidelines. Open, heart based questions are structured to be free of any bias and allow emotional and truthful responses. Questions were phrased to gather data on the current experience of getting a date while future oriented questions target the user’s ideal experiences. The discussion guide invited our interviewees to talk about their experiences to identify design opportunities and unarticulated needs of the people through the process of getting a date.

On conclusion of our research, we gathered over 1,000 data points. These data points were written on sticky notes and grouped into affinity. Upon concluding affinitizing, we formulated a framework that highlights the user's future desires for the ideal experience of getting a date.

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" 

-Forest Gump

More work to come!

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